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 Report of the Tulip Nomenclature Committee, 1914-1915 - Classification of Garden Tulips

Report of the
Tulip Nomenclature Committee, 1914-1915

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3 diamonds


Definition Of garden origin, dwarf habit, and in full flower before the end of April.

SUBSECTION A. Due VAN THOL TULIPS. (=Class I)., p. 17.

Definition: Very early Tulips, rarely exceeding six inches in height. [Suitable for pot cultivation only.]


a. White.
- For Pots: Pottebakker White, Lady Boreel, Princesse Helene.
- For Bedding: Washington, Lady Boreel, Princess Marianne, Pottebakker White, White Swan (late), Jacoba van Beieren.
b. White and yellow.
- For all purposes: Brunhilde, Princess Ida.
c. White, flushed pink.
- For Pots: Rose of Holland, Queen of the Netherlands, La Reine.
- For Bedding: Rose of Holland, La Reine.
d. Pink on white.
- For Pots: Rose Gris-de-lin, Rose Tendre.
- For Bedding: Rosamundi Huykman, Alice Roosevelt, Rose Gris-de-lin.
e. Deep rose and white.
- For Pots: Rose Luisante, Le Matelas, De Vlieger.
- For Bedding: Pink Beauty, Cottage Maid, Wapen van Leiden, Princess Wilhelmina, De Vlieger.
f. Deep rose.
- For Pots: Jenny, Stanley, Van Berghem.
- For Bedding: Jenny, Stanley, Cramoisi Royal.
g. Cerise.
- For Pots: Aelbert Cuyp, Joost van den Vondel, Paul Moreelse.
- For Bedding: Joost van den Vondel, Couleur Ponceau, Mrs. Langtry, Aelbert Cuyp.
h. Crimson.
- For Bedding: Bacchus.
i. Scarlet.
- For Pots: Vermilion Brillant, La Grandeur, Orange Brillant, Cramoisi Brillant.
- For Bedding: Vermilion Brillant, Dusart, Sir Thomas Lipton, Artus, Couleur Cardinal.
j. Orange-scarlet.
- For Pots: Prince of Austria.
- For Bedding: Prince of Austria, Grace Darling.
k. Orange.
- For all purposes: Fred. Moore, Thomas Moore.
l. Orange and yellow.
- For Pots: De Wet, Cardinal Rampolla.
- For Bedding: De Wet, Cottage Boy, Cardinal Rampolla, Golden Lion.
m. Yellow.
- For Pots: Yellow Queen, Mon Tresor, Prince de Ligny.
- For Bedding: Yellow Globe, King of the Yellows, Goldfinch, Prince de Ligny, Golden Queen, Royal Sovereign.
n. Primrose.
- For Pots and Bedding: Primrose Queen.
o. Purple.
- For Pots: Van der Neer, President Lincoln, Molire.
- For Bedding: Van der Neer, Wouwerman, President Lincoln, Moliere.
p. Red and yellow.
- For Pots: Hector, Keizerskroon.
- For Bedding: Duchesse de Parme, Hector, Keizerskroon.
q. Purple, edged white.
- For Pots: Mrs. Elwes.
- For Bedding: Lac Premier, Eleonora, Lac van Rhijn.
r. Striped, white ground.
- For Pots: Fabiola, Spaendonck, Admiral Reyniers.
s. Striped, yellow ground.
- For Bedding: Golden Bride of Haarlem, Due d'Autriche.
t. Of other colours.
- For Bedding: Enchantress, La Remarquable, Potter.
u. Foliage striped.
- For Pots: Rose Luisante, Joost van den Vondel, Silver Standard.
- For Bedding: Yellow Prince, Rose Aplatie.


a. White.
- For Pots: Schoonoord, White Salvator Rosa.
- For Bedding: Schoonoord, Boule de Neige, Alba Maxima, La Candeur.
b. White, flushed pink.
- For Pots: Murillo, Raphael.
- For Bedding: Raphael, Parmesiano.
c. Rose.
- For Pots: Lady Palmerston, Couronne de Roses, Salvator Rosa.
- For Bedding: Virginia, Lady Palmerston, Couronne de Roses.
d. Deep Rose.
- For Bedding: Lord Beaconsfield, La Victoire.
e. Cerise.
- For Bedding: Queen Emma, Arabella, Rozekroon.
f. Scarlet.
- For Pots: Vuurbaak, Imperator Rubrorum.
- For Bedding: Vuurbaak, Imperator Rubrorum, Rubra Maxima, Willem III.
g. Orange and red.
- For Pots: El Toreador, Prince of Orange.
- For Bedding: El Toreador.
h. Red, edged yellow.
- For Pots: Tournesol.
- For Bedding: Pieneman, Titian, Gloria Solis.
i. Yellow and orange.
- For Pots and Bedding: Couronne d'Or, Yellow Tournesol.
j. Yellow.
- For Pots: Van Tubergen.
- For Bedding: Van Tubergen, Velasquez.
k. Primrose.
- For Pots and Bedding: Safrano.
l. Puce.
- For Pots and Bedding: Lac van Haarlem, Turban Violet.
m. Of other colours.
- For Pots: Harlequin.
n. Foliage striped.
- For Pots: Tournesol.

3 diamonds


Definition: Of garden origin, mostly of tall and robust habit, and usually flowering after May 1.


Definition: All Tulips which do not fall within the other classes. The colours may be pure white or yellow, all shades of pink, crimson to purple, orange, and brown, and various "shot" shades, produced by the combination of pink or purple colours on a yellow ground. The shape may be (a) a true cup with rounded segments, (b) a long flower with pointed segments, (c) a long flower with reflexed segments, (d) long egg-shaped.

a. White. -- Parisian White, Dora.
b. White, edged pink. -- Elegans alba, Picotee, Carnation.
c. Cream, flushed pink. -- Isabella, Innovation, Pride of Inglescombe.
d. Pink. -- Inglescombe Pink, Mrs. Kerrell, Sir Harry.
e. Cerise. -- Cassandra, Rosalind, Rose Beauty.
f. Cochineal-red. -- Gesneriana spathulata, Fulgens, Glare of the Garden.
g. Scarlet. -- Scarlet Emperor, Inglescombe Scarlet, Beau Brummell.
h. Orange-scarlet. -- Orange King, Grenadier, Boadicea, La Merveille.
i. Yellow. -- Inglescombe Yellow, Mrs. Moon, Bouton d'Or, Avis Kennicott.
j. Primrose. -- Ellen Willmott, Moonlight.
k. Yellow, edged red. -- Cardinal Billiet, Illuminator, Golden Crown.
l. Light bronze. -- Jaune d'Ceuf, Garibaldi, Yellow Perfection.
m. Dark bronze. -- Golden Bronze, Goudvink, Quaintness.
n. Shot. -- John Ruskin, Beauty of Bath, The Fawn, Fairy Queen.


Definition Self-coloured flowers, except as regards the base.

(1) Dutch Breeders. (=Class V) p. 52.

Definition: Flower oval or cupped, brown, purple, or red, but sometimes bronze; base white or yellow, but generally stained blue or green to blue-black.

a. Roses. -- Definition: Pink to red. Charles Dickens.
b. Bybloemen. -- Definition: Purple to violet. Bacchus, Cardinal Manning, Godet Parfait, Velvet King.
c. Bizarres. -- Definition: Shades of scarlet, bronze or brown. Dom Pedro, Louis Quatorze, Panorama.

(2)English Breeders. (= Class VI) p. 58.

Definition: Flower forming 1/2 of a hollow ball when fully expanded; base always white or yellow, without trace of other colour.

a. Roses. -- Definition: Rose shades, with white base. Annie McGregor, Mabel, Mrs. Barlow, Rose Hill.
b. Bybloemen. -- Definition: Purple shades, with white base. Adonis, Elizabeth Pegg, Talisman.
c. Bizarres. -- Definition: Brown shades, with yellow base. Sir Joseph Paxton, Samuel Barlow, Sulphur, Goldfinder.

(3)Darwins. (= Class VII) p. 60.

Definition: Lower portion of flower usually rectangular in outline; segments of good substance; stems strong and tall; colour, shades of purple-red to white, never yellow or brown; base black, blue, or white, or any combination of these colours.

a. Scarlet- vermilion. -- Isis, Feu Brillant, Whistler, City of Haarlem.
b. Cochineal-red. -- Farncombe Sanders, Van Poortvliet, Prof. Rauwenhof, Europe.
c. Cerise. -- Pride of Haarlem, Prince of the Netherlands, Mattia.
d. Magenta. -- William Goldring, Admiral Togo, The International.
e. Pale Magenta. -- Centenaire, Nauticus, Adele Sandrock.
f. Rose. -- Edmee, Princess Elizabeth, Baronne de la Tonnaye, Venus.
g. Pale Rose. -- Psyche, Suzon, Flamingo, Sophrosyne.
h. Salmon-pink. -- Clara Butt, Yolande, Maiden's Blush.
i. Crimson-maroon. -- Marcella, Henner, King Harold, Millet.
j. Maroon-black. -- Fra Angelico, Philippe de Comines, Zanzibar.
k. Purple-black. -- Faust, Zulu, La Tulipe Noire.
l. Purple. -- Frans Hals, Marconi, Paul Boudry, Raphael.
m. Violet-purple. -- Valentin, Moralis, The Bishop, Viking.
n. Rosy Purple. -- Palissa, Mrs. Potter Palmer.
o. Rosy Lilac. -- Euterpe, Ascanio, Pygmalion.
p. Lilac. -- Erguste, Bleu Amiable, Melicette, Rev. H. Ewbank.
q. Lilac, with a lighter edge. -- Mauve Clair, Electra, Wally Moes, Nora Ware.
r. Blush. -- L'Ingenue, Margaret, Zephyr.
s. Slaty Lilac. -- Oliphant, Remembrance, Ronald Gunn.


Definition: Flowers in which the colour appears in the form of stripes on a lighter ground colour, generally white or yellow,

(1) Broken Dutch. (=Class VIII.), p. 85.

a. Roses. -- Definition: Rose or cerise markings on white ground. Admiral van Kingsbergen, Comte de Vergennes, Henry VIII, Perle Brillante.
b. Bybloemen. -- Definition: Violet or purple markings on white ground. Dainty Maid, Imperatrice de Maroc, May Blossom.
c. Bizarres. -- Definition: Brown, red, or purple markings on yellow ground. Cherbourg, Miss Doris Diggle, Trafalgar.

(2) Broken English. (=Class IX), p. 100.

a. Roses. -- Definition: Rose markings on white ground. Annie McGregor, Mabel, Aglaia.
b. Bybloemen. -- Definition: Purple markings on white ground. Talisman, Adonis, Duchess of Sutherland.
c. Bizarres. -- Definition: Brown or black markings on yellow ground. Samuel Barlow, Sir Joseph Paxton, Dr. Hardy, George Hayward, Lord Stanley.

(3) Rembrandts. (=Class X), p. 103.

Definition: Broken Darwins.

a. Roses. -- Definition: Rose markings on white ground. Red Prince, Semele, Victor Hugo.
b. Bybloemen. -- Definition: Purple markings on white ground. Franoise d'Amboise, Procles.

(4) Broken Cottage. (=Class XL), p. 108.)

a. Roses. -- Definition: Rose markings on white ground. Striped Beauty, Zomerschoon.
b. Bybloemen. -- Definition: Purple markings on white ground. Twilight, Union Jack.
c. Bizarres. -- Definition: Brown, red, or purple markings on yellow ground. Chameleon, Gala Beauty, Scotia.


Definition: Tulips with laciniate segments. -- Amiral de Constantinople, Lutea Major, Markgraaf van Baden, Crimson Beauty.


Examples: Blue Flag, Mariage de ma Fille, Yellow Rose, Rose Pompon.

3 diamonds

SECTION III. SPECIES. (=Class XIV), p. 112.

Definition: Tulips which are or have been found wild, and which keep their characteristics under cultivation. e.g. Clusiana, Greigii, Fosteriana, sylvestris, Batalini.

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