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 Report of the Tulip Nomenclature Committee, 1914-1915: Class I Tulips - Duc Van Thols

Report of the
Tulip Nomenclature Committee, 1914-1915

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[For General Classification see p. 9. Names in italics are synonyms. The date of flowering given below and the duration of the flower are for the year 1915 and represent the order in which the varieties may be expected to flower rather than the exact date of flowering, which will vary from year to year; it will also vary according to the source and time of planting of the bulbs. The dates are taken, as a rule, from bulbs which had been grown for two years at Wisley and had been planted at the same time. The heights are measured from the same bulbs and are relative only.]

These varieties, believed to be derived from Tulipa suaveolens, are the earliest-flowering garden Tulips, often being in flower before the end of March and in full flower by April 10. The yellow variety is the earliest, and is succeeded by the others after an interval of a few days. With the exception of 'White Maxima,' the plants do not exceed 6 inches in height. The flower is pointed in the bud, and cup-shape when open.

As with other Trials the Tulips were grown at Wisley under number only.These numbers do not appear in this Report, but any Fellows, having noted the number under which a Tulip was growing, and desiring to know its name, may ascertain it on application to the Director, R.H.S. Gardens, Wisley, Ripley, Surrey.

See also By Category / Duc van Tol Tulips.

3 diamonds

Cochenille = Cochineal, q.v.

Cochineal.—Light crimson.


Double. See: Duc van Tol Double, 1830 (syn.:, Scarlet King) under Early Double Tulips.

Duchesss.—Scarlet, with yellow segment margins.

Gloriosa = Crimson, q.v.

Orange, Scarlet Striped.—Deep yellow, striped scarlet.

Orange Maxima.—Small, orange-red.

Red and Yellow.—Crimson, with yellow segment margins.

Red and Yellow Maxima.—A larger-flowered form of the preceding.

Rose.—White, flushed deep rose-pink.

Scarlet.—Small, dark scarlet.

Scarlet King. See: Duc van Tol Double, 1830 (syn.:, Scarlet King) under Early Double Tulips.

Violet.—Dull plum-purple, edged white.

White Maxima.—White, larger and later than other van Thol variety.

Yellow.—Small, yellow.

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