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 Report of the Tulip Nomenclature Committee, 1914-1915: Class 13 - Late Double Tulips

Report of the
Tulip Nomenclature Committee, 1914-1915

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[For General Classification see p. 9. Names in italics are synonyms. The date of flowering given below and the duration of the flower are for the year 1915 and represent the order in which the varieties may be expected to flower rather than the exact date of flowering, which will vary from year to year; it will also vary according to the source and time of planting of the bulbs. The dates are taken, as a rule, from bulbs which had been grown for two years at Wisley and had been planted at the same time. The heights are measured from the same bulbs and are relative only.]

Belle Panachée.—Medium size, form fair; deep dull rose 5 base white, blotched yellow; 17 inches.

Blue Flag.—Form and substance good; light violet; base blue; 14 inches. See also By Category / Double Late Tulips.

Bonaparte.—A fine, full flower; reddish purple on outside of segments, inside dull scarlet-red; base white, with a yellowish blotch; stem very weak; 14 inches.

Duke of York.—Form and substance fair; segments with a well- defined scarlet-red blotch in their lower half; the margin is white, changing to rose-pink as the flower ages; 12 inches.

Mariage de ma Fille.—Large, of good substance; segments white, heavily flamed with rose-red; 16 inches.

Orange Brillant.—Round, compact flower; segments light yellow, almost covered by red; 12 inches.

Overwinnaar.—Large, form and substance fair; segments white, with a large central blotch of dull purplish violet.

Paeonie gold.—Probably a broken form of Paeonie red, q.v. See also By Category / Double Late Tulips.

Paeonie red.—Flower roundish, substance fair; segments deep scarlet-red; base deep yellow; 13 inches. See also By Category / Double Late Tulips.

Rhinoceros.—A worthless variety, flower of poor shape; segments dirty purple, outer greenish; base white, streaked with blue.

Rose Pompon.—Large, form fair; yellow flushed rose-pink.

Rouge Éclatante.—Form and substance fair 5 small 5 scarlet-red; base yellow.

Yellow Rose.—Large, of good form and substance; bright yellow; stem weak. See also By Category / Double Late Tulips.

Belle Alliance = Overwinnaar, q.v.

Rose de Printemps = Belle Panachée, q.v.

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