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 Website Objectives

Banner captions - Left: Semper Augustus, one of the most glorious Dutch broken tulips of all time and a major contributor to Tulipmania during the 1630s. Center - Left to Right: Broken English Florists' tulips of the early 1800s: 1) Bartlett's Thunderbolt, 2) Strong's High Admiral, 3) Strong's Esther, 4) Bernard's Agitator, 5) Lord Hill, 6) Pompre Funebre. Alas, all these magnificent tulips are now extinct.

Within our defined scope of coverage, we pursue the following content objectives:

  • Provide extensive (if not exhaustive) lists of tulips divided into their current categories, with the addition of the Breeder and Broken sections and several sub-divisions.
  • Document and photograph the growth and flowering charastics of as many of these tulips as possible.
  • Add a spreadsheet (at some future date) which facilitates sorting by various characterists, with links from the tulip name to the dedicated data page elsewhere on this website -- performing an enhanced indexing function for this website.
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