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NOTE: This is an initial draft of a Cultivar Datasheet. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Also, if you raise old tulips, and would like to "adopt a tulip" and author a datasheet for it, please Contact Us.

Cultivar: Philippe de Comines

Philippe de Comines flowers (MEW) 2010

Captions - Upper Right: Cluster of Philippe de Comines tulips. Photo by Mary Ellen Wall (2010). Lower Right: Interior view of Philippe de Comines flower. Note pollen on inside of petals. Photo by Mary Ellen Wall (2010). (Click images for larger versions.)

Pronunciation: Fee-LEEP de Comb-een

Also Known As: Philippe de Commines (or de Commynes)

Taxonomic Name (Info): Tulipa ????

Source of Name: Philippe de Commines, 1447-1511 (The first modern historian).

Date First Described (or Registered): 1891

Current Division: 5 –Single Late

Other Historic Categories: Darwin, and included under that historic division in this database

Zones: 4a – 11

Color: deep maroon black

Height: 24” HT, OHG / 22” MZ / 24-36 in. (60-90 cm) DG

Flower Width: 3” HT

Philippe de Comines interior (MEW) 2010


Date of First Bloom: Ann Arbor, MI (Zone 6a-6b) - April 25

Growth Characteristics and Measurements:
B+3 (initial bloom plus three days): 16”
B+6: 18”
B+9: 20”
B+12: 23”
B+15: 24”
Last Petals Fall: Ann Arbor, MI (Zone 6a-6b) - May 19

Duration of bloom: 25 days.

Bulb Production: Strong (up to 4-5 bulbs and offsets per 12+cm [1 ˝” diameter or larger] mother bulb planted)

Growing Method and Environment for This Report: See HT Method.

In Hortus Tulipus Collection? Yes

If in the Hortus Tulipus collection, source of initial bulbs: purchased from Old House Gardens (5 bulbs)


Other Sources of Description and Information:

Contributors to This Datasheet: C Edward Wall

Photo Captions and Credits: Mary Ellen Wall


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