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Today, this division includes tulips that are bred to resemble the fabled broken Dutch tulips of 1630s' Tulipmania as well as those developed by the English Florists' tulip societies of the last 200 years. The real "broken" tulips were affected by a tulip breaking virus (TBV), which was spread by aphids. Today, those tulips are banned from cultivation and the commercial tulip trade in The Netherlands. The un-diseased tulips that are bred to resemble the real broken tulips are, at best, weak imitations of the real thing -- but they are the contemporary occupants of this division.

Hortus Bublorum, which strives to preserve old bulbs, has an exemption to raise and preserve broken tulips. Today they are the major source of true broken Dutch tulips. Hortus Bulborum does include the true broken tulips in the Rembrandt Division, but on the OldTulips.org website, we treat the true broken tulips in a category of its own -- to separate them from the non-diseased "pretenders". Please see the Broken heading under the Banner of this website.

Ironically, although division 9 is named after the most famous Dutch painter, there is no extent, known image of tulips ever painted by Rembrandt.

Much more information on true broken tulips will be found in the Broken portion of this website.


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